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SBCC Station Overview

Station Type: GPS

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Station Information
Station Status: Installed/Operable
Station ID: SBCC
Station Name: SBCC_SCGN_CS1999
Location (City, State): Mission Viejo, CA
Monument Type: DDBM
Station Install Date: 1999-11-08
Station Data
IGS Site Log: Text File
Time Series Data: SNARF CSV | IGS08 CSV
Time Series Plot Viewer: Nearby GPS Plots
Realtime Dataflow: Not Available
Meteorologic Plots: Not Available
Colocated Instruments

Graphic: Primary Marker Nominal Graphic: Primary Marker Warning Graphic: Google Map Secondary Pointer Failure Graphic: Google Map Secondary Pointer Manual METAR
Local Weather Data
METAR: K9L0 DATE: unavailable
COND: unavailable TEMP: unavailable
HUMIDITY: unavailable WIND: unavailable
GPS Monument Coordinates
IGS08 Reference Frame

ECEF X/Y/Z (m/m/m) -2470209.3578 -4712749.3729 3505283.8346
WGS 1984 lat/lon/elev (d/d/m) 33.553000985 -117.661488645 88.6798
Ref Epoch: 2014.211

SNARF Reference Frame

ECEF X/Y/Z (m/m/m) -2470209.2989 -4712749.3945 3505283.8906
WGS 1984 lat/lon/elev (d/d/m) 33.553001449 -117.661487976 88.7039
Ref Epoch: 2014.211


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